Consolidated Freight

We make the most of every space in every maritime shipment. If your Cargo does not occupy an entire container, we optimize costs and space with Less Than Container Load (LCL).


Consolidation Services entail

What does the cargo consolidation service entail?

Cargo consolidation involves moving maritime cargo that, due to its volume, does not fill a container. We ensure the maximum use of that space to offer competitive rates compared to hiring a full container.

What are the advantages of a consolidated freight service?

Increased shipping frequency

Increased shipping frequency

Reduction in storage expenses

Reduction in storage expenses

Commitment to sustainability

Commitment to sustainability

Agile cargo processes

Agile cargo processes

What type of cargo can and cannot be consolidated?

We handle a wide variety of cargoes from standard to dangerous goods (IMO) with appropriate documentation. We exclude perishable and exceptionally sized cargo from the consolidated service.

 We manage a wide variety of standard cargoes to dangerous cargo (IMO)
Recibe una cotización personalizada de tu carga

Receive a personalized quote for your cargo

We calculate the cost of cargo consolidation based on weight and dimensions for a tailored rate.

What is the freight consolidation process like?


The terminal receives your cargo


We share documentation for customs and dispatch closures


The terminal maximizes the space of the container and consolidation


We seal the container and notify its closure

Maximize Every Shipment with Cargo Consolidation

We support you with effective solutions for partial loads, ensuring accessible rates and optimal container usage.

Answers to Your Questions About Less Than Container Load

What is the difference between full truckload and consolidated cargo?

The main difference between a full container load (FCL) and less than container load (LCL) is the volume of goods transported. FCL means that a container is used exclusively by a single customer, ideal for large quantities of goods. LCL allows multiple customers to share the space of a container for their smaller shipments, thus reducing costs by dividing them among all those who share the container.

What are the benefits of consolidating freight with Nowports vs the competition?

We are one of the few Freight Forwarders offering this service in the region.

How do you manage the cargo deconsolidation process?

Our commitment to transparency and efficiency is reflected in the detailed tracking and feedback we provide to our clients, thus ensuring a seamless cargo deconsolidation experience fully tailored to their logistical needs.