Logistics and International Trade Solutions

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Simplified global transport for your imports and exports

We are a freight forwarder that simplifies the transport of large volumes of goods by air, sea, and land, connecting all five continents. We address your import and export needs with competitive, customized, and secure solutions. Discover how we can enhance your international trade.

High-performance logistics platform

We simplify your processes, maximize efficiency, and provide total transparency at every step. At Nowports, we offer you total control over your international trade operations, from real-time tracking to detailed reports and agile financing.


Features that differentiate Nowports

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Strong international partnerships with major shipping, airline, and land transport companies.
Certifications and accreditations from the WCA Inter Global Agents Network, and the Parnity Digital Agents Network.
Business intelligence applied to offer clear traceability to your cargo movements.

Contact us for personalized advice

Our agents have over 20 years of experience in foreign trade.


Improve your supply chain performance

We help you take full control of your operations and meet your business objectives.

What is the strategic vision of Nowports based on?

We design smart routes to move your cargo and centralize your information to maintain effective communication with your collaborators, suppliers, and operators.

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Emerging technology for decision-making

With our digital tools, you can streamline your daily operations as we provide detailed and updated information about the status and location of your goods. You can also access automatic reports, agile quotes, financial history, and forecasts.

The experience of our clients back us

Ready to revolutionize the logistics of your global operations?

We are ready to become your logistics ally from anywhere in the world. We are a freight forwarder with a presence in 8 countries in America.