Cargo Transportation

We are experts in national and international land, maritime, and air logistics.

Cargo Transportation

Logistics Services to Optimize Daily Operations


Maritime Transportation

Cargo transportation by ships

We ensure space with leading shipping companies at competitive rates. Our solutions include advanced monitoring services.

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Air Transportation

International air trade 
We send general, high-value, or sensitive goods to different continents. We maintain strong relationships with international airlines to ensure agile and secure movements.

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Land Transportation

Land logistics

We seek safe and efficient land transportation by truck or train, point-to-point or intermodal, full (FTL) or partial (LTL), with GPS tracking options.

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Comprehensive Service with Technology

International Logistics and Business Intelligence Tool

International Logistics and Business Intelligence Tool

Simplify operations with advanced technology.
Constant Visibility

Constant Visibility

Know the status of your shipment at any time.
Financial Transparency

Financial Transparency

Easily understand your financial status.
Enhanced Efficiency

Enhanced Efficiency

Maintain agile export and import processes.
Automated Reports

Automated Reports

Create reports tailored to your needs.
Advanced Technology

Advanced Technology

Access a digital logistics center for free.

Innovative Solutions in Cargo Transportation

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We are experts in foreign trade, backed by prestigious accreditations and service quality.


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Frequently Asked Questions

What is logistics and what is its purpose?

Logistics is the activity responsible for the distribution of a product, transporting cargo from its point of origin to its destination. Efficient logistics implements optimal distribution and transportation strategies to save costs and reduce delivery times. Communication and visibility in logistical processes are essential to avoid surcharges due to delays or storage.

How does logistics work?

For logistics to work, it is necessary to coordinate people, equipment, and processes to acquire products; use maritime, land, and air transport; consolidate and unpack when necessary; store the merchandise; manage inventories; handle the goods; process orders; implement reverse logistics (returning products to the supplier); and maintain communication for all of this to be possible.

What is its relationship with the supply chain?

While logistics is responsible for placing goods in the right place, the supply chain encompasses more tasks involved in creating a product from scratch, including processes such as acquiring raw materials, manufacturing, storage, and supplier relations. Nowports' activities mainly encompass the logistics part; however, we aim to support the rest of the chain through credit solutions that allow them to acquire or produce more products to move between countries.