International Maritime Cargo Transportation

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Are you Looking for a Maritime Transportation Company?

At Nowports, we redefine maritime cargo transportation, ensuring efficiency and security in your global operations.

Maritime Transport Specialists

Economy and Efficiency

Economy and Efficiency

We provide cost-effective solutions for transoceanic distances.
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Wide Capacity

We efficiently move large volumes of cargo.
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Global Connection

We have international routes connecting key markets.
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We generate a lower environmental impact for a greener planet.
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We offer a smooth combination with various types of cargo transportation.

Nowports Commitment

We provide a cargo transportation service that exceeds expectations. We collaborate with top-tier shipping companies, maintaining competitive prices with high-quality standards.

Maritime Transportation Insurance

We Find Insurance for Maritime Cargo

With Nowports, your shipments are secure. We work with suppliers to protect your maritime cargo. 

By choosing to insure with us, you will receive:

  • Protection against possible damages or losses.
  • Exclusive rates for batter financial planning.
  • Secure and accessible policies and documents in the cloud.


Maritime Transportation Cost Planning

Protection and Planning

We calculate your international maritime transportation costs, considering factors such as the type and size of the container, the weight and volume of your shipment, route, port expenses, season, market conditions, contracts, and customs. 

Solutions for All Types of Maritime Cargo Transportation

Container Ships

Container Ships

We offer versatility for all types of standard cargo, effectively connecting with major ports and large Panamax and Post-Panamax class vessels.


Bulk Cargo

Bulk Cargo

We find bulk carriers equipped to move your international bulk cargo, such as minerals and grains.



We have the safest tankers for transporting liquids such as oil, LNG (liquefied natural gas), CNG (compressed natural gas), and other chemicals.

Refrigerated Cargo Ships

Refrigerated Cargo Ships

We keep your perishable products in perfect condition with refrigerated cargo solutions, ensuring quality on every journey.


Comprehensive Logistics and Maritime Transportation Service

At Nowports, we redefine international cargo transportation services with a personalized and efficient approach:

  • We monitor your cargo 24/7
  • We create customized reports for your operation 
  • We quote your transportation rates promptly
  • We provide clear control of your expenses 
  • We ensure that your logistics is protected and accessible in the cloud

Maximize Your Logistics Operations with Nowports

We are your allies in maritime transportation

Frequently Asked Questions About Maritime Transportation

What is Maritime Cargo Transportation?

Maritime transportation is the movement of goods by ships and vessels. 90% of international cargoes transit through oceans, as this type of cargo transportation is the most efficient for long distances.

What Documentation is Required for Maritime Transportation in International Trade?

There are various key documents in international maritime trade, such as the customs declaration, commercial invoice, dangerous goods declaration (DGD), among others.

What is the Meaning of TEU?

TEU stands for 'Twenty-foot Equivalent Unit,' a standard measure for containers with a length of 20 feet.