Need efficient storage solutions?

We find storage warehouses with spaces adapted to each type of merchandise. This service is additional to cargo transportation but cannot be provided independently.

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Why Choose Nowports for Storing Your Merchandise?

Choosing us for the storage of your shipments means not only ensuring your products but also benefiting from comprehensive logistics management.

From reception to final delivery, we guarantee a transparent and efficient process. You will receive constant updates so that you are always aware of the status of your cargo. We are your strategic ally that enhances your supply chain.

Variety of storage warehouses for every need

High-capacity warehouses for bulk materials

High-capacity warehouses for bulk materials

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Spaces that require strict temperature control

 Secure storage for products ready for distribution

Secure storage for products ready for distribution

Specialized infrastructure for high-tech value cargoes

Specialized infrastructure for high-tech value cargoes

Specific Criteria for Storage Warehouses

We adapt to various needs, including storing sensitive goods with specific regulations and managing the necessary documentation according to the location.


What are the requirements to quote a storage warehouse?

It is necessary to detail the product, its value, its stacking possibility, and storage time. Also, specify if you require specialized personnel for unloading your merchandise.


How to calculate storage costs?

The quote is based on space and storage time. We are flexible in offering storage for days or months, as required by your logistics needs.


Intelligent and Secure Storage

We offer tailor-made solutions for every type of merchandise.

Solve Your Storage Questions

What is the storage process with Nowports?

We handle a meticulous storage process: from reception and deconsolidation to container return. We also generate detailed reports to ensure efficiency throughout the process.

In which countries are Nowports' storage warehouses available?

Our storage service is active in key markets such as Chile, Peru, Colombia, Mexico, and Panama, offering global solutions with a comprehensive approach.

Which industries most frequently request this service?

Hardware and retail are some of the biggest customers of storage.