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About Nowports

What logistics and transportation service does Nowports offer?

We act as a Freight Forwarder providing solutions for air, sea, and land transportation, both nationally and internationally. In some countries, we also offer financing services and facilitate connections with providers handling cargo insurance and customs procedures at the origin.

Our technological platform allows clients to track shipments, manage documentation, and optimize logistics operations.

What sets Nowports apart from other Freight Forwarders?

We stand out as pioneers and leaders in Latin America. We take pride in focusing on the development of advanced technological systems, such as online document management, market analysis, and highly efficient routes.

Additionally, we leverage financial technology (Fintech) to provide innovative solutions to our clients for their imports and exports.

How to hire Nowports services?

For first-time clients, the process begins with collaboration with our experts to create the right logistics solution for their cargo needs. Active clients can get quotes from our platform or contact their account representative directly.

What has been Nowports' history and experience in this industry?

Nowports' history in the logistics industry began in 2018, with our experts having over two decades of experience in shipping and freight agencies.

We started in Monterrey, Mexico, and have grown with offices in multiple strategic locations, including Mexico City, Santiago, Bogotá, and more. This expansion allows us to offer global logistics solutions.

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About the Digital Platform

Is the Nowports platform available independently?

The platform is an integral component of our services as a freight forwarder. If you have specific monitoring needs, contact us to explore options tailored to your specific requirements.

How is Nowports installed and configured in my company?

Setting up our platform is straightforward, with no additional installations required. Access it from common browsers or our mobile app for iOS and Android. Our Customer Success team will guide you through the company registration process.

Can I access monthly reports of my operations?

Certainly, we have a reporting module that allows you to export monthly data in formats such as Excel or Google Sheets.

About Shipments

What cargo categories are allowed for import and export?

Allowed cargo types vary by country, but if your product is legal, we can facilitate its import or export.

For handling hazardous cargoes, we provide quotes along with the corresponding safety data sheet.

Our quotes consider weight and dimensions and are subject to availability and regulations in the country of origin.

How many containers can I hire?

Our platform excels in situations of recurrent movements, allowing you to make the most of its reports and tracking.

There are no restrictions on the capacity to request quotes.

Do you handle insurance for international transport cargo?

We are not an insurance entity, but we have established strategic partnerships with reliable partners in this area. This gives you peace of mind knowing that you can protect your cargo during its transport, whether by air, sea, or land.

Our insurances cover the entire journey, including national or international distributions, and you even have the option to insure containers if needed. All relevant documentation is available online for your convenience.

How do free days of delay work with Nowports?

The payment term may vary depending on the type of movement and the carrier. In some cases, we have secured payment terms of up to 30 days. We are committed to providing you with flexible options that suit your financial and operational needs.